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Crack Download vault-tec engineers have labored around the clock on an interactive duplicate of barren region life which will experience from the comfort of your own vault. covered is an expansive world, particular fight, shockingly practical visuals, heaps of participant desire, and an great forged of dynamic characters.

machine requirements
working machine: home windows xp/vista
processor: 2.four ghz intel pentium 4 or equivalent processor
memory: 1 gb (xp)/ 2 gb (vista)
difficult disk space: 7 gb
video: direct x 9.0c compliant video card with 256mb ram (nvidia 6800 or better/ati x850 or better)
sound: directx®: 9.0c
controller help: xbox 360 controller
other requirements: on-line play calls for log-in to video games for windows – live
supported video card chipsets:
nvidia geforce 2 hundred series, geforce 9800 collection, geforce 9600 collection, geforce 8800 collection, geforce 8600 series, geforce 8500 collection, geforce 8400 collection, geforce 7900 collection, geforce 7800 series, geforce 7600 collection, geforce 7300 collection, geforce 6800 series
ati hd 4800 collection, hd 4600 series, hd 3800 series, hd 3600 series, hd 3400 collection, hd 2900 collection, hd 2600 series, hd 2400 series, x1900 series, x1800 collection, x1600 collection, x1300 collection, x850 series
operating system: home windows xp/vista
processor: intel middle 2 duo processor
memory: 2 gb system ram
tough disk space: 7 gb
video: direct x 9.0c compliant video card with 512mb ram (nvidia 8800 series, ati 3800 series)
sound: directx®: 9.0c
controller assist: xbox 360 controller

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